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sticks and stones

As kids we’d respond to teasing, taunting – BULLYING with the nursery rhyme…

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

Looking back at this as an adult I have to call this little comeback for what it is…BULLSH*T! Excuse my language but that’s the word that comes to mind when I think of this verbal shield we were taught to use as kids.

Yes, its true sticks and stones CAN break your bones but words, they can leave a forever impact especially when used in a negative manner.
As a kid my mother was verbally abusive. I will not go into full details of the things she’d say to me but I will say they are things you should NEVER say to a child; especially your own. I do not know why she would say the things she said to me. I do not know why she made me feel like crap as a kid the the point that I would wish I was never born. This is a hard post for me to type up because as I’m typing the things she’d say to me are rushing to the surface and reopening those old woun…

Wordless Wednesday

Monday Motivator

Letter of the day: I

"I" as in me.
I was born in the summer of 78 in San Jose , CA.
At around age 5 I went to live with my grandfather in Lamont, Ca along with my 2 cousins while our mom's were on "vacation".
I'll be 35 this year. When I look back at my life I am blown away. 
I want to write a book one day, not because I think I'm super fascinating but because It might just bring hope to others in similar situations that I've been in.
I type like I talk, lol so please excuse my run on sentences.
I lost my mind once but got it back after I realized it was the situation I was in that caused it, so I walked away. 
My childhood wasn't all unicorns and rainbows but it did make me who I am today.
I was a teen mom. It's hard to believe I have an 18 year old! Having my son at a young age was one of my motivations to be where I am today. 
I was a mom again at 23. My princess Beanna was a total surprise and my saving grace.
I'm a firm believer in "breaking the cycle".…

Wordless Wednesday

What niche?

A friend of mine asked me the other day what exactly this blog is about; my answer was simple everything. This blog is where I can share anything and everything, whether it is about my life or some type of randomness I thought others would get a kick out of. He asked me if I was worried about over sharing or losing my sense of privacy. I told him that I’d only be losing as much “privacy” as I chose to give up. When asked again “but what will you be writing”, I told him I’d share pieces of me – my past, my present, my ideas, my sense of humor; nothing specific. My blog is filled with randomness and if just one person can take something from my posts (even if it’s just a good laugh) then I accomplished part of what I set out to do with the mijita chronicles. I read a quote once that said “life is an open book full of blank pages, you write the story as you go.” SO KEEP WRITING! I’m a firm believer that we go through the things we do in life for a reason even though we may not understand i…

Follow Friday

Happy Friday!!
i thought I’d use today to share a few of the blogs that I enjoy reading when I get some down time and maybe you will to. Let me know which blogs you visited and what you thought!
Enjoy your weekend :)
XO VG! I LOVE Xenia! I have known her for close to 11 years and consider her to be my blogging mentor as well as my inspiration to start this blog. Her blog is anything and everything family and definitely a place to visit if you’re a mommy. So with that said, take a minute to stop by and say hi – I promise you you’re not only going to love her but you’re going to fall in love with her adorable kiddos! Ari posts a little bit of everything on her blog from TV to music to cool apps and book reviews mixed in with bits of silliness. I promise you’ll find something of interest there if not you will at least get to enjoy some pictures of her furkids. Yoyo is my crafty friend with a heart of gold. I love visiting he…

Thankful Thursday

I've been feeling a little blah lately and have been trying to pull myself out of this funk. One of the little tricks I keep up my sleeve is reflecting on the blessings I have rather than how crappy things may seem. You know the whole glass half full approach? Sure this sounds easy but when you're even slightly depressed it's not so easy to see the gray areas instead of only the black and white. Anywho with that said I opened my gratitude journal app, began typing away and here's a few of the things I came up with...
1. 2 beautiful healthy children. In my day to day role at work I deal with children that have various health issues and thank god daily for my children being healthy. I truly admire the strength of those parents with children that have health issues as they are true warriors <3
2. The love story that Mr. G and I have as it is truly amazing. I love him to the depths of my soul.
3. Family - both bio and extended.  I love them to pieces and would be lost with…

wordless wednesday

Ways to refresh your beauty routine in 2013

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted but I can say it’s most certainly been an exciting few months filled with changes which I’ll be sure to share in another post soon!
For now I wanted to take a moment to share an article I found in the beauty & style section of Las Fabulosas. I’m not sure abut you but I am always trying to find new ways to freshen up my routine and with the new year just a few weeks under way I’m in total revamp mode from health and beauty to my wardrobe and finances! For now let’s take a look at the beauty routine – to make it simple for all my reader’s I’ve posted the actual article below with a link to Las Fabulosas for even more useful articles.

Venus G.

Las Fabulosas: Beauty & Style
A New Year, New Refreshed You
By Robyn Moreno for Las Fabulosas

This month, we put you on the path to feeling and looking más joven with top tips to refresh your skin, face, hair, hands, feet and nails.

Put Your Fresh Face Forward

An orange yogurt mask is the perfe…