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Thankful Thursday

I've been feeling a little blah lately and have been trying to pull myself out of this funk. One of the little tricks I keep up my sleeve is reflecting on the blessings I have rather than how crappy things may seem. You know the whole glass half full approach? Sure this sounds easy but when you're even slightly depressed it's not so easy to see the gray areas instead of only the black and white. Anywho with that said I opened my gratitude journal app, began typing away and here's a few of the things I came up with...

1. 2 beautiful healthy children. In my day to day role at work I deal with children that have various health issues and thank god daily for my children being healthy. I truly admire the strength of those parents with children that have health issues as they are true warriors <3

2. The love story that Mr. G and I have as it is truly amazing. I love him to the depths of my soul.

3. Family - both bio and extended.  I love them to pieces and would be lost without them.

4. My job. I'm blessed with a pretty amazing job, it's stressful but so very rewarding. The calls with happy updates I get from the families I work make it all worth while.

5. My past. My life hasn't been rainbows and butterflies but it's those experiences that made me the woman I am today so I embrace it.

What are you thankful for? 
What are your coping methods when feeling blah?

Til next time


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