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Letter of the day: I

"I" as in me.

I was born in the summer of 78 in San Jose , CA.

At around age 5 I went to live with my grandfather in Lamont, Ca along with my 2 cousins while our mom's were on "vacation".

I'll be 35 this year. When I look back at my life I am blown away. 

I want to write a book one day, not because I think I'm super fascinating but because It might just bring hope to others in similar situations that I've been in.

I type like I talk, lol so please excuse my run on sentences.

I lost my mind once but got it back after I realized it was the situation I was in that caused it, so I walked away. 

My childhood wasn't all unicorns and rainbows but it did make me who I am today.

I was a teen mom. It's hard to believe I have an 18 year old! Having my son at a young age was one of my motivations to be where I am today. 

I was a mom again at 23. My princess Beanna was a total surprise and my saving grace.

I'm a firm believer in "breaking the cycle".  My mom had me young and went from working woman to welfare recipient. As a kid I vowed to NEVER get on welfare. I hated paying for candy with food stamps. I hated having to go with her to the welfare office to see her case worker. I hated being looked at as "poor".
I can proudly say that I have never gotten a dime from government assistance even though I had a kid at 16 and have been almost penniless at times. To get through times I simply worked more. I apologize if anyone is offended but will say if this, maybe you should step back and ask yourself why you find this offensive. I agree with the system being designed as a "help out and not a hand out" but not with making receiving "aid" your career. #jusasayin

I have been working since I was 16 years old, well actually 15 if you count JTPA.

I've broken quite a few cycles in my life.

I started from the bottom and I'm here. LOL!! But really it's true. I come from humble beginnings and have achieved more than what was expected of me. I am truly blessed.

I have an AMAZING husband. Mr. G is my happily ever after. I love the life we have built together. 

I love to read. Reading was my respite as a kid and has grown into a passion through the years. It was actually reading that gave me the strength to leave the nightmare I was in a few years ago. Where do I go? by Neta Jackson and the rest of the books in Yada Yada house of hope series saved my life. 

I love my job even though it can stress me out. I have a hand in changing lives which is truly rewarding. 

I was a foster kid from age 15-18. It was the best thing to happen to me. 

I was the first to graduate from high school in my mom's immediate family.

My mom and I have an awesome relationship. Something I never thought possible.

I don't really have regrets but I do have things I wish I would've done differently.

I am a domestic abuse survivor, both emotional and physical, although the emotional was far worse. 

I love me. 

I love my strength.

I love a good slice of chocolate cake and milk.

I cried when my mom told me she was proud of me. That was something I had waited 30 years to hear. 

I love Mr. G more than I ever thought I could love anyone (besides my kiddos). 

I believe in Karma.

I thank god daily for all the blessings I have in this life rather than only call on him when I need something.

I love a good steak and lobster meal. #nomnom

I was an only child til I was 9. When I did finally get a sister I was excited for like a week then ready to send her back. LOL
Oh yea...6 more siblings followed. Guess mom made up for lost time ;)

I lived in Bakersfield, Ca and the surrounding areas for 21 years before moving to the Bay Area.

On my wedding day last year I told Mr G that where he goes I will follow. I've been living in NC since December and wouldn't trade it for the world.

I love this Marilyn Monroe quote because it's relatable.

“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”

I have some pretty awesome friends that make up my extended family.

I grew up with my 2 cousins which made them more like sisters.

I am not perfect and will always be a work in progress.

I appreciate that my husband calls me on my sh*t rather than sweeping stuff under the rug and allowing it to build up. Our marriage is an awesome combination of trust, honesty, communication and mutual admiration.

I could go on and on with random stuff about me but I think this is enough for now.
- xo


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