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Ways to refresh your beauty routine in 2013

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted but I can say it’s most certainly been an exciting few months filled with changes which I’ll be sure to share in another post soon!
For now I wanted to take a moment to share an article I found in the beauty & style section of Las Fabulosas. I’m not sure abut you but I am always trying to find new ways to freshen up my routine and with the new year just a few weeks under way I’m in total revamp mode from health and beauty to my wardrobe and finances! For now let’s take a look at the beauty routine – to make it simple for all my reader’s I’ve posted the actual article below with a link to Las Fabulosas for even more useful articles.

Venus G.

Las Fabulosas: Beauty & Style

A New Year, New Refreshed You

By Robyn Moreno for Las Fabulosas

This month, we put you on the path to feeling and looking más joven with top tips to refresh your skin, face, hair, hands, feet and nails.

Put Your Fresh Face Forward

An orange yogurt mask is the perfect remedy for tired skin. The yogurt nourishes dry skin while the Alpha Hydroxy Acids in the orange repair and rejuvenate it. This treatment is also cool and relaxing. Stir one tablespoon of plain yogurt and one-quarter cup of juice from a fresh orange in a bowl. Smooth onto face, and leave for five minutes. Rinse and see the improvement.

Restore Shine to El Cabello

Once a week after shampooing, rinse your hair with a cup of apple cider vinegar. The acids strip the build-up in your hair, leaving your mane soft and shiny.

Massage Your Scalp

The only part of our hair that is alive is the root, which is embedded in our scalp. Massaging your scalp stimulates the flow of oxygen and blood to the root of your hair, invigorating it to grow and thrive. For relaxing, give yourself a mini-scalp massage before you go to bed. You can also do it in the morning, at work or even when you’re stuck in traffic. It will make your tresses look better and keep you stress-free.

Remember Your Ojos

Alleviate tired, puffy eyes with chilled cucumber slices to take off the edge. You can even try potato slices or chilled chamomile bags, which act as an anti-inflammatory.

Treat your Hands and Toes

For a foot-abuloso
indulgence, soak your tootsies in a bowl of warm whole milk. The lactic acids
soften skin. After 10 minutes, take a pumice stone to your feet to slough off
dead skin. Rinse off the warm water, file and buff you nails, and push back
your cuticles. Finally, paint your nails a gorgeous color.

Robyn Moreno is a lifestyle expert and the author of Practically
Posh: The Smart Girl’s Guide to a Glam Life. She is a frequent contributor to Las Fabulosas.


  1. Wow! Thank you for posting this. These are the great tips and I used to do most of them and forgot about it while raising kids. Time to refresh my beauty again!


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