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Tween Tuesday

Today's post consists of a few random quotes from conversations with Beanna. Some our chit chats make me laugh out loud while others simply leave me amazed at my beautiful daughter.

"I hope I don't have to poo, because I will not poo on the plane."
This one made me laugh out loud when we she announced this shortly after we took our seats for our flight from San Francisco to PA.

"Why would anyone throw a baby in the garbage? That's not right at all."
This topic came up while watching Breaking Amish on TLC. We talked about this topic a little further and as usual my heart swelled at the compassion and empathy my daughter has for others.

"What kind of business woman doesn't have tape?"
This one came when Bea was with me at work this afternoon and she couldn't find tape at my desk. I told her to check my other co-worker's cube after which Bea told me not only does she not have tape but she doesn't have a stapler either; our business lady titles have officially been revoked.

"Not all homeless people are bad people or scary, just some are. They're just like us, they just don't have a house but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be nice to them."
She told my aunt this on our way into the city, pointing put the high homeless population in SF. She broke it down in kid terms that you pretty much can't judge a group of humans based off the actions of others. Another proud mom moment.

"When I grow up can Ellie come live with me?"
When I asked her why she explained that Mr. G and I would be too old to take care of her, mind you she's speaking of when she turns 18 in 7 years...

This is just some of the randomness that my monster comes up with, I could go on and on but I'm sure you get the point that this little girl keeps me on my toes. Bea is still in the super talkative stage which at times drives me nuts but I have to admit I look forward to our various conversations because I know that the teen years are just around the corner and the closeness we share may change for a little bit although I'll be doing my best to keep her a little girl as possible.


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