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more random facts about me

10 guilty pleasures in no particular order.

1. A nice long bath
2. Lazy Sunday's with my family aka as jammie days
3. Homemade caldo de pollo
4. Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey
5. Uggs with no socks - but not for too longer cause I'd hate to make em stinky
6. The rare peaceful moments with my daughter - since she's a tween & at the got to have the last word phase these are few and far between
7. Flash mob videos
8. Wedding shows - I always cry during the vows
9. Wrapping myself in a blankie and reading a good book
10. Girlfriend time - I loveeee a good catch up session with my girls

What are some of yours?


  1. i LOVE flash mob videos!!! especially the proposal ones where the chicks freak out LOL!!


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