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Mijita (mee-hee-ta) - common term of endearment meaning "my small daughter" or more accurately "my dear child".

My grandfather called myself and my 2 cousins mijita growing up (although I know I was his #1, LOL). The nickname has been music to my ears since I was a little girl, everytime he'd call out "mijita" we'd coming running while arguing (even at times pulling eachother's hair) to get there first since we really never knew which one of us he was calling. I lost my grandpa 11 years ago this past April but just because he's no longer walking this earth does not mean he's not still with me daily as cliche as that may sound. My grandpa Tim raised us 3 girls for a few years while our mom's worked on getting their lives together and I have to say those were the BEST years of my life. I have said it time and time again without his influence I probably would not be the woman I am today and for that I am thankful. My life has not been easy but I pride myself on never giving up and learning from the examples set, both the good and bad and do my best to raise my daughter not to grow up to be like me but to grow into an even better woman than I am - she is my mijita.

Thank you for stopping by! If your grandparents are still on this earth take a moment to give them a call or visit because you never know how much longer they have on this earth.

XO - V.G.


  1. what a sweet, sweet post! love that this is how you started this blog. I'm pretty sure your abuelito is peeping you from up above and he's proud of his favorite mijita!
    btw, I see your intro above says you're a postcard junkie..does that mean vintage postcards or you just like getting them?! I've been trying to get my online friends to get up on this but they're lazy lol I'd love to swap postcards with you sometime :)

    1. Thank you :)
      It felt great writting this entry.
      I'd totally do a postcard swap with you. I'll message you for your 411.

      XO, V.G.


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