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happy fab five friday

To kick off my first fab five Friday I’ll be sharing 5 random facts about myself.

1. I played the violin, cello, and clarinet as a kid. I would love to pick up the violin again but just haven’t made the commitment, I’m not sure if it’s just laziness that’s preventing me or the fear of failure.

2. I’m a pipeliner’s wife. What’s that you may ask? To answer that question I have to first give a little back ground on what a pipeliner is. LOL usually when people ask what my husband does my favorite response is “He lays pipe” that always gets a laugh. But, in all seriousness pipeliners travel the country installing underground gas lines, it’s a dirty and dangerous job but somebody has to do it. There are 2 different types of pipeline wives; your travelling wife who travels with her husband from job to job living the gypsy life and your stay at home and hold down the fort wife– I fall into group two. The distance is hard but in my opinion it leads to a stronger marriage. I believe the foundation of any relationship is trust and communication especially in a marriage like mine where we rely heavily on daily phone calls, video chats, texts and monthly visits to wherever it is my husband is working or when he can to us in Cali. In short the thousands of miles between us sucks as well as carrying the day to day household duties alone but the positives most def weight out the negative, how many people can truly say they get to visit a different part of the country every few months? Plus each time we see each other is like a honeymoon, as the saying goes absence makes the heart grow fonder.

3. I love postcards – both trading and sending em off randomly to my friends and family (although I’ve been slacking). I try to pick up postcards wherever I may go or have friends bring one back from their travels. I also like looking through stacks of postcards in thrift stores and antique shops, it’s a total score if I can find one that has already been previously been sent. I have quite a few postcards from as far as Norway and as close as SF’s Chinatown. In addition to the postcards I’ve begun picking up magnets in various airports and my daughter collects zipper pulls with her name and the state.

4. I am a total book worm – I’ll pretty much read anything and everything. My process of choosing whether or not my nose will be stuck in a book is by reading the first 5 -10 pages; if it holds my attention then it’s a keeper. My love affair with books started as a little girl when I’d walk to the library and stay for hours browsing the shelves; they’ve always been an escape of sorts – a happy distraction. I jumped on the EBook bandwagon when I got a nook color a few years ago for Christmas but must confess I’m still a book junky, I love the smell and feel of them as well as filling up my bookshelves.

5. I am a music junky; I listen to pretty much anything and everything - yes even country. The quote at the bottom of this posts pretty much sums up my love affair with music which I'm sure a lot of you can relate to as well.

Well that’s my Friday Five – have an awesome weekend! Take a moment to hug those closest to you and let them know you appreciate them.

Til next time
XO - V.G.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” - Victor Hugo


  1. Your Husband and mine have similar careers, so I'm betting we live similar lives. :)

  2. I can't imagine having my hubby gone for so long. There are times he's gone 2 or 3 days at a time for work and it really ducks. The only enjoying it is Meatball because he gets to leave his crate and lay in the bed with so either way I always have a furry snoring male in my bed!

    Ps..have you read let's pretend this never happened by Jenny Lawson?? Funniest book ever!


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