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Happy Friday!!
i thought I’d use today to share a few of the blogs that I enjoy reading when I get some down time and maybe you will to. Let me know which blogs you visited and what you thought!
Enjoy your weekend :)
XO VG! I LOVE Xenia! I have known her for close to 11 years and consider her to be my blogging mentor as well as my inspiration to start this blog. Her blog is anything and everything family and definitely a place to visit if you’re a mommy. So with that said, take a minute to stop by and say hi – I promise you you’re not only going to love her but you’re going to fall in love with her adorable kiddos! Ari posts a little bit of everything on her blog from TV to music to cool apps and book reviews mixed in with bits of silliness. I promise you’ll find something of interest there if not you will at least get to enjoy some pictures of her furkids. Yoyo is my crafty friend with a heart of gold. I love visiting her blog for craft ideas although I never get around to doing them because well I don’t really have a crafty bone in my body. If you love adorable crafts you most def need to stop by because she not only makes cool stuff but she also hosts giveaways of her stuff as well as sells some of it with the proceeds going to some pretty good causes. I’ve bought a few things from her over the years and I have to say it melted my heart when the proceeds from one of my purchases went to the NY SPCA. YOYO TOTALLY ROOLS and always has some pretty cool stuff going on in her little piece of the world wide web. When I can I’ll post up some pics of her awesome contribution to our wedding last year. I came across Marilla via twitter and was instantly in lovee with her style and skills. Visiting her blog will not only have you drooling but inspired to break out the muffin tins. Marilla is like 50’s housewife meets rock n’ roll. Whether you’re in the mood for baking or learning how to garden or can this is the blog to visit. Sabz is an awesome blogger – I know I said that about all of these ladies but umm hello it’s the truth, do you think I’d follow anything that wasn’t awesome? The eclectic grab bag is just that ECLECTIC – there’s a little bit of everything here but most importantly a lot of focus on family. This blog is a great resource for family ideas in the bay area. I recently moved from the San Francisco and although the place is huge I really couldn’t come up with anything to do Bea that didn’t feel touristy – if this sounds like you then this is the blog for you especially if you’re lookin for summer activities for the kiddos. Dawn is another one of my favorite food bloggers – her blog not only has pictures of delicious food but of her adorable kiddos too! Her love of food and her family is visible throughout her blog whether it is mentioned in reference to a recipe choice or in her “Friday Letters” posts. I truly love when bloggers share pieces of their life with their readers along with what the primary focus of their log is. Dawn’s recipes can easily fit into any lifestyle as well as please even the pickiest eaters which make it a must have on my blog favorites list. This is most definitely another link I recommend clicking; I guarantee you will find at least one recipe that your entire family will enjoy.

If you have a favorite blog you think I’d enjoy please leave a comment with the link so I can check it out.


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